Sunday, December 09, 2007

Ouzo Sellers

Lesvos is renowned for its quality Ouzo, so while on a tour of the island, we stopped in the little town of Agra and ventured into the local Ouzo store to buy some supplies.

The shop was owned by a delightful Greek couple who shyly posed for me amongst their goods.

Agra, Lesvos Island, Greece


  1. I bet everything in there tastes like heaven...fresh and mediterranean! Super cute store and couple!

  2. actually come to think of it...I don't know much about ouzo... being alcohol and all...but i did spot some marmelade lollll

  3. Maybe we should call you Lady Marmalade! LOL!

    Like anything with varieties, there's good and there's bad ouzo. Some brands are as raw as petrol on your throat and others are as smooth as silk.

    Luckily we chose well!