Sunday, December 09, 2007

Look at us!

In one of her latest emails, Shaykhspeara Sha'ira asked if we would introduce ourselves to each other and to the blog, and so I thought that there was no better time in which to do this than the current Interesting People theme!

I'm on the left and J is on the right. We both love diving and will do so whenever we get the chance.

I was born in the Fiji Islands while J comes from the middle of Germany. We lived in Dubai for a few years before coming down to Melbourne to make it our base for a while, although J is spending a lot of time in Germany for work.

Still, we're about to be together again over the Christmas/New Year period when we'll be off to New Zealand to see my parents - and hopefully get in some diving and fishing with our friends!

Great Barrier Reef, Australia


  1. Hey gals :)

    Y'all look so cool in your diver gear! I am thinking whether or not to follow up on the diving theme. I reckon I look better under water than over water lollllll

  2. great job right out the gate! you've set the bar high for us with this introduction.