"Project Capturing Smiles"

The idea behind "Project Capturing Smiles" was born in the year 2008 during a conversation between myself and Global Themes photographer and webmaster, Destitute Rebel. The latter, based in
Pakistan, recounted how people who don't have access to cameras nor own a photo of themselves get very excited about being on camera. The idea is simply to take photos of people who are interested, in market places and elsewhere, in areas where it is applicable, print the photos and then distribute them to the subjects in the photos. The idea can be further developed endlessly catering to the "photographic needs" of different people all over the world. Read more about how the idea was first executed in Pakistan here>>>


1) Are there areas in your city/country where people don't have access to their own
cameras or for other reasons need photos of themselves or their family or may not be in posession of recent photos of themselves?

2) Perhaps there are such areas where you are traveling?

3) Once you identify that area, visit it and take photos that you distribute, please
inform us on globalthemes (at) gmail (dot) com about it with location, sample of photos taken
and an account of your own experience doing it. We will feature it on the website.

4) Why not involve youth groups or other groups of people to take on such projects?
Schools? NGOs?

5) The core idea behind "Project Capturing Smiles" is to make people smile, if even for a
brief moment, through the wonderful tool that is photography.

It is our sincere hope that this simple yet powerful idea be duplicated all over the world!

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