Sunday, December 09, 2007

My Parents

My parents are shopping for a carpet for my younger brother.

My father was born in the Fiji Islands and has lived in Fiji, Rhodesia (now Zimbabawe) and New Zealand. My mother was born in India and has lived in India, Fiji and New Zealand.

They met in Fiji after my mother moved there with her family in 1957. In between she had lived in New Zealand for 10 years after leaving India in 1947 when they had to leave along with a lot of other British. Like many people, they lost friends and household members in the tragedy of the Calcutta riots.

Sharjah, UAE


  1. Hi nzm's parents! :)

    What a history they have had, they should write about it?

    Fabulous that place.

  2. You know in Sharjah that makes them Umm and Abu NZM lol

  3. That makes you one globalised person, huh?
    and your parents have excellent taste, i love the carpet!!:-D

  4. Mum has actually started writing a bio of her family's life in India - I must ask her if she finished it.

    LOL @ Umm and Abu - I must tell them that! :-)

    Mohamed: Thanks - my parents do have good taste - sometimes! Yes, I consider myself blessed to have such a global background, and to that end, I find it difficult to reply when someone asks me where I'm from. I prefer to say that I am a citizen of the world!