Tuesday, December 18, 2007

jewish medicine..

for jews it is basically an unwritten tradition that when you are sick your mother comes by with home made chicken soup.. last night mum adjusted the rule slightly when she turned up with goulash but it was still awesome to have her over and definitely hit the spot.. as you can see we both cleaned out our bowls.. yaffo israel..


  1. That is some nice looking china and soup bowl action!

    In sweden there is no chicken soup tradition for sick people but in Pakistan you always get chicken corn soup when you're ill!

    What a nice mom you have :)

  2. my mother is the best


    the bowls are from ikea and the china is from italy (25 years old)- gift from my gran when i moved into my pad she also gave me the cutlery 30 years old.. the placemats are from habitat..


  3. IKEAAAA! all things good are swedish lol I'm such a swedish snob...

    Well thank you for that detailed description Lirun lol Your grandma is way cool.

  4. so sweet! is your mom looking at adopting some more kids...i am up for takes and i am potty-trained...
    the cutlery, crockery and placemats are all really beautiful, you have very good taste!

  5. Hope that you piled in the tobasco - nothing like sweating out a fever!