Monday, May 28, 2007

Sledging ? ?

Those of you who had said you'd never heard of sand boarding, here is something new, sledging in the sand, boys will be boys ! Taken in the Hatta region of United Arab Emirates, bordering Oman.


  1. that's really interesting, but isn't it like taking a sandpaper to the board?
    wouldn't it eventually eat away at it?

  2. i would love to try that.. standing up and surfing..


  3. lol Umar! well I reckon it doesn't have as long a life as a surfboard however snowboards also take a bit of damage, although it would take a couple of rides before one can see that.

    Great shot D Reb!

  4. @ Umar, The sandboards and sledges are specifically made for sand, instead of the standard composit plastics and fiberglass they are usually made with wood and last quite a long time.

    @Actually Lirun, I have some ideas in mind, you might wanna try those too, when i try i'll let you know how it goes, i was thinking of finding a level field in the desert and trying skeeing or parasailing being pulled by a 4x4.

    @shaira, thanks.

  5. the way he's sticking his tongue out at ....and the motion in the pic has been captured very well, DR!!!

  6. i can imagine sand kiting could be amazing.. i know they do it with wheels.. i get i would be worried that a board would heatup too much..

    what do u reckon..

    only thing is in israel we donthave many open air dunes or flat places..