Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Sand,sea, skies........

North Beach, Florida consistently ranks among top three beaches in United States and this is one ranking I have never felt like questioning.


  1. Wow! This is a stunning pic....

  2. Cold and clear are the words that come to mind, well shot!

  3. Lovely picture, i loved the beaches all over Florida, SS cold is not the right word, the water is nice and warm even when its snowing in some parts of America.

  4. DC : thank u :)

    SS: thank u ......love the blues in this one...blue being my fav hue..

    DR : I have always been more of a mountain person till i came to Florida....My heart's still in mountains..but Florida beaches are an integral part of my life now.
    And this one day it was cold as a cold front had struck....but yes more often than not, the waters are warm and nice ...

  5. I'v only been to Florida for a week, and when i left it was snowing where I was at, and Florida was celebrating spring break!!!!!