Monday, May 28, 2007

Dubai Dessert

Camels walking around in the sands of Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Camels are knows as the ships of the desert, used widely for transportation & Meat.


  1. This whole framning really does the trick doesn't it?

    Camels are so in their own things when they like, how they like, at a pace they like.

  2. Except for the 2nd one which has its front legs hobbled with rope!

  3. Shaira, Yeah Yeah I get the point,the whole framing is inspired by nzm it gives some life to my lousy pictures.

    nzm thats true at first I thought they were wild camels which you see a lot of too, but because of the tied leg I'm pretty sure they belong to some farmer.

  4. SS is right.....the framing adds character to pics....but whoever said ur pics are lousy, DR?? they are the best ....(cocks a snook at ur detractors..hehe :DD)

    meanwhile how does one do it, this framing ????

  5. Lol, thanks Moi, Well I had no idea how to do framing untill I saw nzm's lovely framed pictures and decided I should do mine the same way, so I googled, thats one of my favourite pastimes by the way, here is a simple tutorial it takes less than 2 mins to frame a picture and I do it on photoshop.


    complete link to the tutorial