Sunday, March 11, 2007

Under the London Millennium Bridge

Another image of the Millennium Bridge in London from BuJ. This was taken before the reinforcement was added - while it was still wobbly!


  1. correction! this was taken in 2004 after the dampers were added, and you can see them shown as X shaped members.

    sorry it's such an engineer's picture but i thought it would be quite cool, especially with the view of the sky at such an unusual angle.

    mind you i walked up it a few times and it's STILL wobbly.. but adds to the fun, eh?

  2. oops - sorry BuJ - I misinterpreted your email - I thought that they were taken before the wobbles were corrected!

    I like the image - and I was trying to figure out why it wobbled when it had the X-bracing! Goes to show that for a non-engineer, I could still work out the structural pinciples!