Sunday, March 11, 2007

Annual Jump

I was lucky enough to attend the annual competition where men jump fom the Mostar Bridge.
There are four categories, each one has its own style of jumping and a panel of judges give points from 1 to 10 on technique and style. Jumpers from the Croatian and Bosnian sides of Mostar participate in this old tradition.


  1. Great picture Shaira, lucky you were there to witness an annual event.Must have been fun.

  2. Rather they were jumping than me!

  3. D reb it was so much fun. I was soooo happy I made it. It wasn't at all planned. We went to Mostar just like that and on our way my best friend's mom called and said "They are holding the event".

    Lol NZM, fear of heights? cannot be, not after those lovely images form the sky.

    Wouldn't it be fun to try though? The current in the Nerteva however is super strong. It is more dangerous than the jump itself.