Sunday, March 11, 2007

London Millennium Bridge

A guest post from Bu Jassem, affectionately known as BuJ Al-ArabThe London Millennium Bridge with St. Paul's cathedral behind it.


  1. Inteesting how it ends - how do you get off it?

    Amazing sky - those clouds are awesome!

  2. Hehe.. thanks NZM for posting! Am not a member, so I needed an insider to help me out :)

    Well the way you get out is quite smart, it's a ramp going away from where I took the pic towards the river.

    I can send u a sketch if you want.. it's quite smarty from mr Foster :)

  3. Lovely pics Buj!

    Good on you NZM for uploading but you are a busy woman what with the move and all, so Buj if you like just send pics to globalthemes at gmail dot com

    Happy blogging everyone! :)