Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Coat Hanger

Affectionately known as the above, the Sydney Harbour Bridge crosses Port Jackson and has a 503m span, is 49m wide and the deck sits 49m above sea level. It's one of the most friendly big bridges in the world as you can drive, train, bike or walk across it - and there are guided walks over the top of the metal arch.


  1. this is on my behalf as well.. my most proud australian moment was driving across the bridge while learning to drive as a sixteen year old .. that an kieren perkins smashing the 1500m heat in 1992

  2. NZM,, pretty impressive facts by a non-engineer.. or are you one?

    me likes.

  3. Beautiful! I think this bridge featured in one of the episodes of the Amazing Race. They had to climb it or rather, walk it.

  4. Lirun: I thought that this would appeal to you!

    BuJ: No I'm not! But I love design and architecture - they're my favourite photography subjects. I appreciate a well-engineered structure!

    Sha'ira: yes it did! I think that it was either the finish point for a leg, or they were handed their next clue on top of it - can't remember which.

  5. I believe it was the clue point cause after that they were off looking for a sheila I think...and then it was off to NZ if I'm not mistaken loll I love that show.