Wednesday, April 23, 2008

GT " Capturing Smiles" in Pakistan

While taking photographs in Pakistan, I have noticed many people get very happy when you take their pictures, if you take one person's photograph the other asks you to take theirs as well. Most of these people do not own camera's and some have never been photographed or own their own pictures.

A while back in an inspirational moment an Idea was floated by Shaykhspeara Shaira that there should be a way to take photographs of these people and distribute them and bring some smiles to people who really deserved them, I have been acting on that idea for the past month and if I take pictures of people I can later find, I get prints made and go back and give them their photographs, the best moments have been when a small child see's his photograph and smiles an innocent smile. I encourage all of you especially if you are in an area where people are not privileged enough to own cameras to try it, it barely costs anything and bring a lot of joy to people as well as to you.


  1. I love it! THIS post is inspiring, DR. Now, you need to take pics of their faces when they receive their photos. That would be lovely to see as well. :)

    I live in the land of electronics, so not a high chance of my finding a camera-free group of people around here. But I'm hoping to travel to Istanbul in November, so maybe if I travel outside the big city there, I'll find people I can share their pictures with. :)

  2. Thank you Miki, I was planning on taking pictures when I gave them their photos but for some reason found it how do i put it "not right" something psychological. Good luck in Istanbul, that should be a fun trip.

  3. D Reb, this is amazing and an amazing birthday gift for me. Today is mine and Shakespeare's birthday! Yay!!! :):):)

    I can't believe you acted on my idea. It's the best gift one could get! :)

  4. Hey Shaira, A very happy birthday to you, and I'm glad you like the Gift :-) , wish you a great day and a very happy and blessed year.

  5. What a truly wonderful thought, Sha'ira....and belated bday wishes to you :)

    And is absolutely inspirational that you did this. I'm sure those people would be delighted to have their own photos!