Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Global Themes Re-launch & New Member

After a long creative hiatus Global Themes Photo Blog is back again with full force, a little makeover and a new member to our family of photographers! Welcome on board Jessica!

Jessica Abou Haydar, is without a doubt the uncrowned Queen of Lebanon and I reckon it's only a matter of time before this serial entrepreneur running companies and NGOs left right and centre while holding youth mass at Church be made honorary Minister of Tourism. She managed to make me travel to Lebanon twice(!!) in six months and I have already planned my next trip. Through her imagery you will no doubt experience the same urge.

Like most of the contributors on the blog, she is an avid traveller and I particularly look forward to seeing her photos from the World Youth Day in Rio, Brazil this coming summer.

Since we have entered a new year, 2013, which is all about new beginnings and new resolutions that we all know we will break at some point or the other, the theme of this week had to be "New".

Welcome back dear viewers and contributors, here's to a Happy New Year!


  1. The uncrowned mass holding queen of lebanon!! Hahaha!! This is hilarious!!!
    Thank you Shaykhspeara for the intro and for adding me to the blog!!! I got a lot of great images coming soon!!

  2. Lol my pleasure Jess! I thought you'd enjoy that description lol! You're awesome. Keep those fab pics coming :)

  3. Wonderful! Great to see this space in action again!

  4. Salam! Thanks for leaving a message on my blog (I haven't updated in years!).
    Glad to see Global Themes is back up and running. I'll try to contribute again, but it may be a little tougher since I'm busier with my graphic design business and haven't been photographing much lately.

    Regardless, all the best with the relaunch and looking forward to seeing people's photos!

  5. Shalom: I couldn't agree more! Everything has its time I suppose :)

    Umar: Wassalam! Join the club lol hiatus is an understatement. Would love to have you on board again! One idea is that you prepare one post per theme in advance. You know with blogger you can time posts to be published at later dates. And themes are announced in advance, four weeks at a time. :)) Thanks for the wellwishes!

  6. Yay! Glad we're back up and running!