Saturday, December 05, 2009

(wo)man's best friend

This past summer, a couple friends and I rented a weekend house near the beach in Chigasaki, Japan. Japan is not known for its beautiful beaches. In fact, among residents, it's known for its rather too-crowded, litter-strewn sand. However, this beach was one that was used mainly by locals, so not a lot of tourist traffic. There were a lot of regulars who just came out with their rowing boats, dogs, and carefree attitude. It was a nice break from city life.


  1. I have such preconcieved ideas when it comes to the japanese, and cleanliness and non-littering is one of them! Am I wrong? lol

    I must say I never thought beaches would be littered in Japan.

  2. i don't know, the beaches here are just not known for being that great or pretty. i think it's mainly cuz those places that get crowded, get REALLY crowded.