Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Park from the Movies

A park that most Hindi film buffs would've seen in the film Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge :)
Interlaken, Switzerland


  1. Oh my God, it is THE park! lol

    To be honest though...when I visited Switzerland last summer I could have sworn I had been to many places before...like the top of some mountains and near some lakes...I half-expected to see Shahrukh jump out from behind a tree...

    Very lovely pics Shalom!

  2. For my sister, it was practically hallowed ground!!!

  3. Kind of like a Bollywood Mecca, Shalom? ;-)

  4. Oh yeah, NZM ...... over the past decade or so there've been sooooo many Bollywood movies shot all over Switzerland that the Swiss govt actually gave some sort of honour / award to one of Bollywood's top director & producer Yash Chopra, the man who began the trend.

    But I think that Switzerland's become kind of passe now, at least with the Hindi film fraternity.....they're all exploring new locales now. Indian tourists still love Switzerland :D