Friday, October 10, 2008

Moving Out

Yellow_Removal_TrucksA Mercedes removal truck parked on the street. On the pavement is a utility truck with an extended elevator stretching up to the apartment on the 5th floor. This is how removal companies deal with apartment stairways - they avoid them as much as possible by loading smaller items onto the elevator and transporting them up and down. It saves many trips up and down countless flights of stairs!

Berlin, Germany


  1. Thats an interesting concept never seen that being done before.

  2. bright trucks have me all fascinated......guess which heavy duty truck company i work for ;DD

  3. DReb: yeah, I've only seen it in Berlin, but it makes total sense. Mind you, in some countries, parking on the pavement is haram and you'd probably have to get a permit to do this, but in Berlin they embrace it!

    Moi: OK - I'm guessing - does it start with K? ;-)