Thursday, June 05, 2008

Too Fast Too Furious

Many love to travel by car in Germany - especially if you have a fast vehicle: there is no speed limit on vast stretches of the country's "Autobahn". Unfortunately with sports cars driving 220 KmH and slow trucks overtaking even slower trucks on the same road bad accidents are a frequent sight... I saw the crash above - and about 6 more that day - on my last trip and decided to take my time driving ... here's to slow travel folks!


  1. LOL - Before I read who the poster was, I looked at this pic and wondered where I had seen it before!

  2. you can actually drive FAST and SAFE at the same time...people just get RASH and lost if in the adrenaline rush...that's all...

  3. Hey Sharron! How are you?

    I have felt the "no speed limits" on the autobahn...goodness me...