Friday, April 18, 2008

whats in her tummy?

a colleague showing off her oven yesterday in my office telaviv israel..


  1. I have the RIGHT to comment on this one :)

    Lemme guess the biggest burger MacD's ever made :p

  2. what always spins me out is that every time we have a meeting she brings an extra heart.. an extra set of hands and feet.. another brain.. a pair of little eyes.. a soul being woven..

    i know its a girl.. but i dont know the name..

    so ive preg-named it cookie but in hebrew - so Oogi.. :) i think the name might be sticking..

  3. oogi awww that sounds so cute
    lirun you are a poet :)

  4. Aww :) oogi it is :) In sweden when someone is pregnant you say in swedish that she has a bun in the oven, so cookie is not far off, I would rather call mine a chocolate brownie :))

  5. she ended up calling her daughter hagar..