Thursday, April 17, 2008

Doctored Collage

Here is a collage of 10 people I would like/would have liked to meet in person, I have charcoaled the pictures so you guys can try and guess who these people are, a couple of you have played this one before so you stay away and the rest lets see what you guess.

Update: Here is the non doctored image, i'v posted the names in the comments section so try and guess the ones you did'nt get before opening the comments.


  1. i think i know most of the men there...but apart from mother teresa, i find it hard to recognize the there an emily dickinson or jane austen there???

    and i would have put Che on the top of my list too :)

  2. 1. Che Guevera
    2. ??
    3. Nelson Mandela
    4. Martin Luther King
    5. Sir Winston Churchill
    6. Charlie Chaplin
    7. Mother Teresa
    8. ??
    9. Doris Day or Princess Grace?
    10. Albert Einstein

    Like Moi says, the women are a bit hard to see. I thought that Mother Teresa looked like the Red Indian Geronimo!

  3. Good work NZM and Moi, just a few missing or wrong, lets wait a while for the others to try and guess and then I'll give the names.

  4. its hard to tell but i think one of them is me..

  5. ah Lirun - you must be #8!

  6. hahaha, Lirun thats a good way of avoiding to answer who the people are, I'll give you Che's status (top of the list) if you can guess who no 8 is.

  7. OK guys here is the list,
    1. Che Guevera
    2. Florence Nightingale
    3. Mandela
    4. Martin Luther King
    5. Winston Churchill
    6. Charie Chaplin
    7. Mother Teressa
    8. Howard Hughes
    9. Sylvia Plath (its a self Portratit).

  8. wow, did not recognize three of them so I guess I did not do too bad,


  9. #2 was the Lady with the Lamp? I thought that she sitting at a piano!

    That must be a young Howard Hughes - and Lirun, there's hope for you yet mate, you too can be an eccentric millionaire! LOL.

    Would never have guessed Sylvia Plath - what a tormented soul she was.

  10. cant believe im not on the list..