Sunday, February 24, 2008


Apple has been dazzling the tech world not only with its gadgets, but also with its architecture..

Dubbed the Apple Mecca (to the grief of some), this cube that lies west of Central Park in New York City is the entrance to the underground Apple's store.


  1. The view of the building, along with all the passers-by chatting on their cell phones,this is truly the epitome of modern technology

  2. Do the Apple devotees circle it 3 times and want to touch Steve Jobs' rocks? :-) Sorry for being irreverent, but the picture was just too funny to keep to myself!

  3. All Mac lovers must rejoice at the sight of this place! I like the design of Mac but can for the life of it not operate one...I can't get over the fact that one cannot click with the touch pad thingy mouse buttonish thing.... (see my skills in technology?)

  4. NZM -- probably, yep. I think we should also add the label 'places of worship' to this photo. :)

    I actually hadn't meant to include the people on the cell phone. :-)

    As for using a Mac.. yeah, i know what you mean, Shaykhspeara - and while I acknowledge that Macs are more powerful and less vulnerable to viruses that their IBM-compatible counterparts, I guess it's only inertia that have kept me from taking the leap.

    That, and, ehemm, that it's easier to copy IBM-comp. programmes.