Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Seals in the Deep Blue

In the Berlin Zoo you can watch the seals under water - a blue-tiful sight!


  1. Seals are wonderful to watch. It's a shame that they're so smelly at the same time, although I might find that attractive if I was another seal, who knows? :-)

  2. smelly? now youve shattered my vision of the gracious seal as such :) please don't tell me that dolphins are also smelly !!!

  3. Nzm I have to say not only have you shattered my dreams of travel but now you are shattering Sharrons Seal visions...what is with all the shattering? lolll

    Actually I have never smelled a seal but now that you speak so "smellily" of them , I am not exactly in want! lolll

    Sharron if anyone starts shattering dolphin visions for you I will intervene! lol I have been close to dolphins and they had a very nice "sea breeze" smell to them so don't worry.

  4. Fish breath anyone? :-)

    Go on, I give you all permission to live your dreams and act out your fantasies! LOL!

  5. Oh, and if you want to smell seals, or sealions to be accurate, head for the wharves in San Francisco by Pier One to look at the ones that gather on the jetties.

    You'll smell them looooong before you see them!