Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Pretty blues

There is something about Spring in Holland...


  1. And there is something about D candy and Holland... lol

    Joke aside, it is not hard to understand the admiration, it is a beautiful country :)

    Hope you are well!

  2. I think that DC should be Holland's Minister of Tourism!

  3. SS: Awww! Come here you sweet sweet person...I am well growing old running after my son. How are you doin?

    NZM: :) I am trying to get you all meet me :)

  4. Well as I was saying to NZM in her Paris shot, I haven't travelled since August and she wants me to stay put and mean mean thing lolll

    SO how about I take just a smallllll stop in Amsterdam? I mean how can I refuse Mrs candy over here? (NZM come on, just a few days...I'll bring my laptop and work from there loll)

    I am doing well, suffering from travel abstinence but other than that I am fine :) *Hugs*

  5. Would love to meet you all in Amsterdam or anywhere else for that matter! Will let you know where I'll be at after we've made some decisions later in the year.

  6. I agree, there's something about Holland year-round! The nature is so beautiful.

  7. i agree with all ......I can live in my dreams or I can live in Holland :)
    beautiful pic, DC...:)