Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Autumn or Summer?

There can be no doubt that Autumn has stepped in. Or can there? In Australia people are enjoying sunny days right now. Yet to some of us autumn is etched in stone and is designated to the autumn months September, October and November. It is perhaps a simple analogy of what we go through in life on a daily basis when we meet other people whom we don't understand. Summer can be Winter for some.

This week's theme is all about the artwork that covers the sky; Clouds. I am also happy to anounce that the music player is up again! I felt the blog was incomplete without it. This time however, the player only plays when you press play.

To our Hindu, Sikh and Jain readers and contributors, hope you had a Happy Diwali (festival of lights)!


  1. i was gonna ask you about the music player sooner or later..i was missing it here .... :)
    and though I had a lousy Diwali, no thanks to the flu i was nursing....I hope everybody had/will have a beautiful festive season (autumn or not) :)

  2. Heh - brilliantly fine down here in Oz! Just thought that I'd rub it in for all you Northern Hemisphere dwellers, especially those in Europe who are experiencing a cold snap! :-)

  3. BTW - we've done Clouds before! :-)