Saturday, May 12, 2007

Sitting on a window ledge

Spotted this wild pigeon, sitting on a window ledge in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Colors on its neck were amazing.


  1. funny thing with pigeons..they are called the "rats of the air" here as they carry so many germs, bacteria and what-do-you-know...but I love their sound when they start cooing in may- it's the sign that spring and warmth has arrived and ever since my childhood that sound makes me happy. I guess its just better to listen and not touch:)

  2. Thats true pigeons are the rats of the air, dirty and they mess up the whole place, but they look good, have a graceful flight and sound amazing, everything has its good and bad, we need to find balance and decide if the good outweighs the bad.

  3. Pigeons are beautiful, dirty or not! :)

    I reckon you're right Sharron.

  4. Great pic, DReb!

    Sha - that bloody pigeon outside 1A Mansfelder Strasse didn't know how short its life would have been if I had owned a gun! Cooing at 6:30am every morning was not cute! LOL.