Saturday, May 12, 2007


One never knows where an opportunity for an image presents itself.....was sitting at neighborhood Dairy Queen store enjoying my banana split when this shadow of the palm leaves outside would not let me sit in peace till I captured it. My husband walked out when I would not stop clicking even after a dozen odd pics of the same leaves ...:DDDD
Shot at Tampa, Florida


  1. captivating, seems to be doing a dance of its own

  2. ho ho take it easy with the camera

    great shot btw:-)

  3. I admire your dedication - to forgo the enjoyment of a banana split to capture an image for Global Themes! LOL!

  4. Su : they were doing a dance of their a few more of the same palm ..will share one soon on my personal blog :)

    666 : i wish i cud ......:)and thanx :)

    NZM : its my dedication to my camera :DDD..i wont let it rust..never !!! :)

  5. Well I hope the split tasted good lol Beautiful, very graceful image.

  6. the visit was worth the pics..split or not!! :D