Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Tulip fields, Santpoort

Here come the tulips, on popular request - here are the tulip fields of Santpoort in Haarlem, Holland. The famous flower garden of Holland is Keukenhof, by the time we are scheduled to go there this theme will be over. So sad! But I shall post them somehow - not to worry....


  1. Lovely picture, please post the ones that you take under an old date so they will be on the blog for everyone to view.

  2. Pretty tulips
    Nice pic..
    I also plan to go to Keukenhof this year. Should we travel together?

  3. dr: yes will do that! thanks...

    rsilfia: you serious????

  4. wow!!! i have always wanted to see tulip fields......i visited Netherlands in the heart of winters and dont know when I'll be there next.......am sure the fields must be a breathtaking sight.....please do share Keukenhof's pics once u have eben there...