Saturday, April 28, 2007

Looks like a hamsa..

Tel aviv's beach received this about twenty years ago and we cant quite figure out what it is.. my mum thought it was a hamsa.. you're guess is as good as mine..


  1. I had to Google Hamsa, and wow, I learned a few things!

    Hamsa is 5 in Arabic, and the Hamsa hand is called the Hand of Fatima by Muslims and the Hand of Miriam by Jews.

    If you're interested!

  2. thanx NZM...coz i had no what a hamsa was either....i thought it was related to the hindi word "hansa" in swan...the silhouette does look like an artistic version of "swan".....

  3. cool hey.. :)

    would make a cool post for

    somehow i dont reckon it is one though.. i think its an upside down monkey

  4. What's with the five legged upside down octopus on the top left - is it part of the sculpture? :-)