Saturday, April 28, 2007

Diving into opera..

used to be the telaviv old opera house - corner of allenby and herbet samuel streets and now is a residential tower with a local shopping mall.. the "opera tower" has some cool outdoor art like these two statues..


  1. Is there a new Tel Aviv opera house?

  2. nzm: yes there is.. after it left that site it moved to yaffo just near my house in a theatre called noga.. which precipitated the blossoming of the noga neighbourhood - now full of bohemian shop houses just like in singapore.. the opera since relocated to a grand site in the heart of telaviv.. a modern building that i think is called the golda centre..

    when it was in yaffo my mum would buy me season tickets.. i used to go to every production.. the venue was small with row 6 and 7 being the best in the house.. u didnt need the traditional binoculars.. u could see the singers' faces and they would often smile at me being the youngest familiar face there.. i loved it..

    never seen an opera in the new location..

    moi - thanks matey