Thursday, March 01, 2007

St. Patrick's Cathedral, Pakistan

Located in Saddar, Karachi.


  1. Beautiful! These are the kinds of shots we want to see.

  2. Lovely! I wonder how are Christians treated in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan?

    A few web searches show me that Christians form less than 3% of the population, which is about 4 million people, thus bigger than the whole of the UAE.

    I never expected to see a full blown cathedral. Probably built during the British mandate.. were any built after independence?

  3. pakistan looks absolutely amazing!!

  4. @buj:

    sorry for a somewhat late reply, but yes, this one was built during the British rule....but it still stands today in its full glory and services are held regularly.

    infact, there even are a couple of schools and a women's college attached with ths cathedral in the same vicinity......the st. joseph's convent and the st. joseph's college for women. both are prestigious institutions.

    unfortunately, i don't have photographs of the interiors and of any of the services, but it's a beautiful sight when fellow christians gather.


    yes buddy, pakistan indeed is beautiful. :)