Thursday, March 01, 2007

Ancient font

This is believed to be the first internal baptism font ever built.
It's within the monastery on top of Mt. Nebo in Jordan.

From Mt. Nebo, you can look out over to Israel in the distance, and closer still is the Dead Sea and the River Jordan which is where John the Baptist performed many baptisms for the preparation of Jesus' arrival in Judea on the way to Damascus.

Baptism was already practised before Jesus began his public ministry. He popularised it, and it became a part of the ritual in preparing a person for a lifetime of serving God.


  1. It's so beautiful there, and just immensley spiritual. I was really moved on my visit to that region of Jordan.

  2. Sha'ira: I cried my eyes out the whole time that I was on Mt. Nebo and have no idea why.

    Some things are better left unexplained, rather than over-analysed!

  3. wow.. would love to go there.. what is the best way to travel around the area..

  4. Lirun: definitely by car, and if you have an Aussie passport, you'll be loved at all the military checkpoints around the Dead Sea.

    On my kiwi one, they couldn't have made me more welcome.

    Every check point brought flocks of soldiers with machine guns, grenades etc, and thankfully HUGE smiles, calling out "welcome Kiwi, welcome Kiwi!' It was awesome.

    J felt left out on her German passport! LOL.