Friday, March 09, 2007

SF Bay Bridge

The Bay Bridge in San Francisco, linking the city to Oakland and other northeastern suburbs. This was taken from a friend's 4-seater Cessna as we flew over the city on our way up to the vineyards for dinner.


  1. It's such a beautiful shot I wanna scream lol

    What an amazing view and what a handy friend to have at times like that lol First when I saw the shot I was like...ummm, that must be a very tall building NZM was on lol

  2. No, it was a tiny aeroplane!

    See those little wisps of cloud? They're the start of the famous SF fog. On the other side of the plane (to the left) is where the Golden Gate bridge is, and we couldn't see it on that day because of the fog rolling in!

    T'was amazing - fog on one side, bright sunshine on the other!