Thursday, March 08, 2007

Reethi Ra at sunset

C'mon, fellow GT bloggers, where are your bridge images? I've got at least 6 more to put up, but need you guys to post so that it doesn't look like I'm taking over GT! 

Here's an image taken in the Maldives at the One&Only Reethi Rah resort. There are 2 little bridges running over the canal which separates the 2 parts of the man-made resort island.


  1. What a lovely place for a vacation. Great picture as always. Dont have any more bridge pictures, will start collecting for future themes.

  2. Gosh I just wanna lay in a hammock somewhere there rocking back and forth. Truly breathtaking.

  3. It was a great vacation. We took J's two boys and we had a ball snorkelling with them and showing them all the different fish, turtles etc. They were so excited that they kept screaming through their snorkels - it was really funny!

    Sha'ira: there were some hammocks, and yes, I did utilise them quite a bit. While J was playing snooker with the boys, I was reading a book on Prophet Muhammed (PBUH)!

  4. Lol NZM now that is what I call Maldive reading material! You amaze me sometimes in the bestest and most wonderful of ways :)