Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Berlin Bridge

A bridge over the River Spree in Berlin. It's interesting for its Roman statues and figures.

The building behind on the left is the new Berlin Hauptbanhof - the central railway station for the Intercity trains. Out of picture to the right of the bridge are the Parliament Buildings, embassies and Angela Merkel's official ministerial residence.


  1. Bridge looks very nice, especially the lamp posts. It must be a beautiful sight at night, with the lights on.

  2. Those grey yellow things in the water are blocking the pretty view, what are they?

    Lovely capture girl!

  3. DReb: haven't seen it with the lights on, but it probably does look really pretty. I have a dusk shot of Le Pont des Invalides in Paris with lights which I'll post later.

    Sha'ira I thought that too! But they're necessary to stop the many, many tourist cruise boats that go up and down the River Spree from crashing into the bridge. There are at least 10 companies, each with multiple boats, running river cruises and the traffic on the river is quite heavy.