Monday, March 19, 2007

Background to Global Themes

This week's theme is all about the one institution many people claim defines their lives; Universities.

Global Themes hopes to be one such University. We don't hand out degrees but we wish to create discussion, and hopefully mutually beneficial exchanges of perspectives where everyone is the teacher and everyone is the student. A window and door into lives you might not have had access to.

After a successful endeavour with a group of fellow boggers during Ramadan 2006, we were all eager to continue the spirit and co-operation that the Ramadan Kareem Blog had inspired. I consulted Destitute Rebel from the UAE who is responsible for a lot of the technical aspects of both the blogs, NZM (UAE at that time) and Lirun from Israel who by then had emailed me asking "what's the next step?"

The idea was clear in my head; a photoblog with very little text, a weekly theme and a diverse bunch of bloggers picturing each theme. The working title was at first Global Cultures but I was not happy with the name so Lirun suggested, "why not Global Themes?" Spot on!

So let's all stay enrolled in this University of learning through "picturing" yourself in other's shoes.


  1. good on you shasha! as we say in hebrew kol hakavod (literally - all the respect)

    hey i like the college touch as well.. have a few i want to post.. its amazing.. universities are often big and grand.. ive studied at a few of these.. but sometimes its the small colleges that have an even bigger impact..

    really excited about this theme..

  2. Kol is also all in arabic :):)

    Thank you my dear Lirun :)

    Well I am waiting eagerly for the fab uni pics. And look now Oya from Istanbul is aboard too!

  3. Hey Shaira, the ramadan blog was a great project, and it is pleasure to see the same people and more coming together to form Global themes, it was a great idea and I look forward to many years of happy photo blogging :-)

  4. indeed!

    may i also add that we all thoroughly appreciate the wonderful job you have done stringing it all together and administering it so diligently and professionally!!

  5. Thank heavens you guys thought of this. It is brilliant. Such a great confluence of ideas and people....THANK you!

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