Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Sweet when Asleep

This is my favourite photo of my favourite little guy Max. I like this photo so much, because this sweet 10 year old is a cool cat when he's with his friends - they try to act like a street gang from the hood and anything nice, soft and cuddly is "for babys". But back home after a hard day's work of football, playstation and reenacting Star Wars battles, boys will be little boys again and the wannabe tough guys cuddle up to teddy bears and dream sweet innocent dreams- as happy kids should!


  1. Aww, even the toughest love winnie :)

    Beautiful picture, very warm and cuddly. Glad to see you posting :)

  2. Heh - before I read this, I thought that kid looks like Max.

    And it was! LOL!