Friday, February 23, 2007

The Crew

These cute and very businessminded boys work as guides and sales of refreshments on the newly discovered Pyramids of Visoko, in Bosnia.


  1. Nice Picture Shaira, I'm sure they will turn out to be enterprising young men, and will one day be the building force of their Nation.

  2. Oh yeah - little capatalist mercenaries, the lot of them! LOL.

    Much like the kids at Petra - they'll have you moneyless in no time!

  3. Speaking of the pyramids of Visoko, a Bosnian friend of mine told me that when they were discovered, the joke on the street was that "you know that we've always been refugees? The proof is, even the ancient egyptians are bosnian refugees"

  4. Lol indeed D Reb and NZM!

    Aren't they Lirun? :)

    Mohamed lolllll I was told the same joke when I was there!