Monday, February 04, 2013

dance + art + public transportation

taken in the 14th st tunnel between the L train and the 1, 2, 3

dance + art + public transportation = a brighter day on the subway (and a good shot for my phone's lock screen)

The NYC subway has its share of sometimes cheesy and sometimes disturbing marketing (how many plastic surgery ads do I really need to see when I want to get from uptown to downtown??). But a lot of the time, the ads rise to the challenge of competing for people's attention in one of the greatest art and dance cities in the world. I love how this poster for the NYC Ballet Art Series unexpectedly combines classical dance with tattoo art in a graphic style--doesn't that girl's face remind you of Lichtenstein?


  1. Miki I don't know if it's just my web browser/tried it on my pc and also my iPhone) but I can't see the picture? It shows it's "broken" and leads you to dropbox. Try reposting it from your hard drive if possible.