Monday, January 28, 2013

I have many...

The park, lined with cherry blossoms, is called Kungsträdgården (which literally means The Kings Garden).

...hometowns but the one that I spent most of my life in is the city of islands; Stockholm, Sweden. This photo is taken during the summer, one of the best times to visit.


  1. Ana kaman babe :) Are there cherry blossoms in Lebanon? The ones in Sweden are some sort of hybrid version of the Japanese ones.

  2. Sure! this is how they look

    they look whiter usually

  3. How glorious! What bliss it must be to sit under them and bask!

  4. Jessica: Ya3ni did I even have to ask? "Jess, do you have Kangaroos in Lebanon", "Sure we have, they eat hommous and smoke argeeleh though" lolll Beuatiful trees, wein? North?

    Shalom: It sure is, you can pass a lot of time there :)

  5. hahahah!! no kangaroos here.. i promise!
    this is in a village called Meshmesh up North