Monday, January 14, 2013

And then the sun broke through...

toy sail boats near the Louvre

Paris was slated to have a big windstorm because of the storm going across the north, but, luckily it wasn't too bad here. There was a lot of rain and wind in the morning, but in the afternoon, the sun broke through as I was walking back to my hotel. I was coming from the Left Bank (rive gauche) and decided to walk through the Tuileries Garden (next to the Louvre). Despite the light rain that was falling and the "breeze" (my umbrella was not happy), there was still a fair number of people out enjoying a walk on a Sunday.

It's days like this that I've really missed since leaving Paris. As I walked under the mini Arc de Triomphe at the entrance near the great Pyramid in the Louvre's courtyard, I heaved a BIG sigh of relief. It felt good to be in a place that felt both familiar and new. I used to walk through here or take the bus all the time. I love the anachronism of Paris, it gives me a little high of awe