Saturday, January 29, 2011

Revolution in Egypt, 25 January 2011, Day 1

"Soldier suffering from tear gas. I wish they'd understand that what hurts us, hurts them to. "

One of our own Mohamed is in Cairo doing what he can for a better future for his country, A media and Internet Blackout has cut most of the contact with Egyptians. The picture and the following brave words are an update from Mohamed's blog on the night of Wednesday the 26. There have been no updates on his facebook or blog since then but he is safe and still standing strong with the rest of his Nation. His blog has many more pictures from the protests.
I'll keep it short, and will write a narrative some other time.
In the meantime,
Whatever happens,
Never believe them if they say we lost.


  1. wow.. thanks to both of you for sharing this message with everyone.. i hope he stays safe and may this complicated time end the best way possible..

  2. I had not checked this blog for a long time. I'm heartened to see a post from Destitute Rebel. It means you are safe from floods, and turmoil, and all the perils the world throws at us. Bless you.

  3. Guys,
    Just saw this note. thank you so much for the kind wishes.
    It's really, really good to know that we have friends to rely on...

    Warm wishes,