Saturday, November 28, 2009

stars and spiderwebs..

i love these towers in telaviv, israel.. they're called azrieli.. and to me they look like plains of spiderwebs or gridded stars.. i took this photo on the way to my sports massage last night.. btw happy thanksgiving and eid mubarak to all..


  1. Thank you Lirun and the same to you :)

    Glad you noticed we're back! :)Haven't informed everyone yet but am hoping the word will spread or I get a few minutes after all the Eid celebrating to sit down and let everyone know :)

    They look like they're covered in a net. Or you know those pencil holder "glasses" made out of metal or aluminium with lots of holes...but these towers would of course be a giant version of those "glasses"! lol

    Sports massage? For the injury? Hope you are recovering!

  2. mich tamem bas walla imkin shwaye ahsan shukran ya 07ti :)

    this blog is important - now more than ever - at times of crisis - we have done the rounds of the pretty and prissy.. maybe we can all be honest enough to delve into the darker side of the earth and "celebrate" that we are not alone and that hardship too is everywhere..

    not saying this blog should become depressing.. but maybe we can at least round it out a bit..

  3. Alhamdolillah! Inshallah salaamtek wa sahha ya a7'i!

    I couldn't agree with you more, the blog is and has always been very important.

    I have no problems with the blog delving into the darker side of the earth as you put it. I have been waiting for that day and always felt we would eventually get there organically after getting to know each other. So feel free to take the blog where you feel it needs to go! I am with you.

  4. i agree with you guys both. i'm glad the blog is back in action and excited to see where it goes from here. unfortunately i was sick through World AIDS Day, but it'd be great if anyone got any photos of events near them.

  5. Glad you are with us Miki :)

    Hope you are feeling better now? I missed World Aids day myself :(