Thursday, January 01, 2009

Entering 2009

A Global Themes journey that began on December 11th 2006 and today, 1914 posts later and a group of contributors from all over the world, continues its way into the year 2009.

We have sipped coffee and tea at many cafés in winter white weather. We have been coloured both orange and yellow, and visited many capital cities and their government buildings and places of worship.

I myself have been a rather silent contributor the past year, though always present.

Thanks to dedicated and passionate fellow GT'ers, the blog has been kept running, alive and a place of discovery of the world's amazing inhabitants, cultures, religions and places.

D Rebel (now in Pakistan), Lirun (in Israel), Moi (in the US), Shalom (back in India), Diligent Candy (enjoying Singapore) , nzm (somehwere in the world), Miki (bringing us Tokyo) and Mo-ha-med (last I heard, in Palestine) to name a few who have been extra active, and whom I owe huge thanks for being part of making GT what it is.


Here's to 2009 and many more amazing travels around the world through the photos and videos that we get to see from our fellow bloggers!



  1. Wishing all at GT a blessed 2009!!!

  2. I hope you all had a great holiday season, wherever you are in the world. Here's to what can only be an amazing 2009!

    Thanks for the shout out, SS, our fearless editor!

  3. Hand me some tissue please, someone?

    You guys are too sweet!

    Lirun and Miki, love y'all :)

  4. It's all your hard work that things are running well.

    Happy New Year to you beautiful.

  5. Shay! We love you!! :)
    Happy new year and plenty of good stuff to all!

  6. Happy new year to all of you too!

    Shaykhspeara, could you email me? I am going to Bosnia and wanted to talk to you about it since you've been there. musicalchef at gmail dot com. Thanks!