Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Daily (or rather Nightly!) Catch

Fish on display at Fort Kochi, right next to the iconic Chinese Nets where they're caught. The fish on the bottom left corner are Pearl Spot or currymeen in Malayalam - one of the fish Kerala is most famous for. On the right side, the three fish kept vertically were called 'helicopter fish' ...... I'm sure that's not really what they are, it just refers to how they're displayed :)
Taken in Kochi, Kerala.


  1. How Keralites eat currymeen? Like a stew or fried or?

    Sweden is a big fish and sea food country. Back in the day, that was all one had. With potatos of course. Boiled, fried, smoked or salted or or or lol

  2. Currymeen is tasty both fried and made with a stew / curry. Either way, its cooked with a lot of masala, and that's how I like it.....not really into the whole 'taste of the fish itself' thing :)

    And fish with potatoes??? Never had that combination before.....

  3. Girl I am so with you on that...I haldi my fish to the max!!! Apart from when I make fish swedish style in which case haldi has to step back and make way for dill and lemon, and possibly saffron if cod or salmon in a stew.

    The only fish I eat as fish is salmon sushi. But then again, I drench it in wasabi and soy sauce lol

  4. Oh I missed that part of your never had fish with potatoes!!!!

    Wow, that is almost blasphemy in Sweden. It's like the national dish...uncrowned, unofficial. lol

    Trust me, fish with potatoes is amazing...they were made for each other...

    You can either make them into small "boats" (like huge home made fries) and pop them in the oven with oil and roast them...then serve with fish and yummy.

    Or mashed potato with butter and milk and nutmeg melted together in a pan and then poured over the mashed potatoes and mixed so it becomes creamym season with salt and pepper..and serve any fish you like with that...

    or simply boiled we do in Sweden sometimes, potatoes and fish and cream sauce in a pan and baked in the oven! Yum!

  5. Ah, what I wouldn't give for some good salmon!!! That's my absolute favourite fish, but unfortunately we don't get good quality salmon here. And these potato & fish combinations look really interesting, thanks so much! Will tell my hubby about them, he's a major fish fan.

  6. You and hubby are welcome anytime to have salmon with all kinds of potato combos here in Sweden!