Monday, September 15, 2008

My favorite...

...picture. Well one of many favorites, this one was taken by fellow blogger Destitute Rebel of his sunflower fields in Pakistan. Sunflower heaven!


  1. oh my!!! they can add cheer in anyone's life ....they are my fav. flowers....:)

    i have been dying to shoot some here in mid west...they are blooming all over the place right now in everyone's garden...but i've been on a hunt for sunflower farms!!!!

  2. I can see why its a favourite....its soooo vibrant & cheerful!!! Good one, D-Reb!!!

  3. Moi, perhaps we need a yellow theme! I believe nzm called for one earlier, so I'll add it to the upcoming themes. And please indulge us in some more sunflower shots from the midwest! :)

    Shalom, don't you just wanna dive into that field?