Thursday, August 07, 2008


The "roshandan" is an integral part of Mughal architecture, it works both as a ventilator and a skylight, Roshan means Light. Photographed at hiran minar, Shekhupura, Pakistan.


  1. so cool.. in yaffo we have them too.. but here they are round.. or oval..

    rosh in hebrew mean head..

  2. Ahh nostalgia for the land that seems so far away! Any plans to go there always seem to fail.

    Beautiful pic D Reb and thank you for keeping GT alive :)

  3. Lirun, here too we have some round ones, in buildings built by the british after the Mughals.

    Shaira, thank you. Inshallah some days your plans will work and you will see the land that is so far away.