Friday, June 27, 2008

My Feeble Attempt of Pesach Seder

What can I say. It was my first attempt at Matzah Ball Soup and Seder. I was in Bahrain with my friend and we were not prepared (in skill) to make a large meal and neither of us enjoy washing dishes. We gave it our best effort but the balls were more like blobs and we lacked a few essential items . . .z'roa! We did laugh a lot as we fumbled through the Haggadah and tasted our holiday "cuisine." Good times. :)


  1. Hi GG! Good to see you here after so long. Hope you stay with us!

    Looks like a good attempt given the half empty plates? lol :)

  2. Hi! Last year was a tough one for blogging, ugh! I am back in my comfort zone and plan on blogging often. Thanks for keeping my place warm over the last year. :)