Wednesday, March 26, 2008


Here they are today, one day later! Literally, one day to the next, they suddenly explode! This morning I walked around Chuo park in the Shinjuku area of Tokyo. Here the flowers frame the Tokyo Metropolitan Government building.


  1. There's a type of tree in Bangalore called Tabebuia....the pink flowering variety is remarkably similar to the sakura. In fact before we found out the proper name, we thought it was some species of cherry blossom!

  2. they seem to be bursting at seams with happiness!!!! :)
    the cherry blossom festival in DC begins this march 31st....we are hoping to be able to make a short quick trip....keeping my fingers crossed!!!!! :)

    and shalom i know what tree you are talking about...aren't they beautiful too :) ...we had them in Florida too!

  3. Oh, they're gorgeous Moi! There was this one yellow-flowering Tabebuia near our house that was absolutely "bursting at the seams with happiness"....unfortunately there've been some heavy showers recently...they've washed the blooms off :(

  4. yeah, these kinds of flowers only last a couple weeks anyway. when it gets toward the end of the season, when the wind blows through, a lot of petals rain down. it's called "flower blizzard" in japanese because it looks just like really pretty snow!