Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Japanese efficiency saves time

When you're a busy salaryman in Tokyo and you're running late for a hot date, what better way to make a good impression and save time than to pick up a bouquet of flowers from this flower vending machine while running through the train station? This model of convenience and friend to time management is fully automatic and keeps the flowers fresher and prettier than the ones they sell at my neighborhood grocery store in the States.


  1. though i still love to see flowers in a corner shop :)

  2. hilarious..

    miki - u constantly open my eyes wider and wider and wider with these incredible snapped glimpses..

  3. Great idea, you don't have to look for an open flower shop in the middle of the night when you have been "ejected" by the lady, just find one of them flower vending machines. :-)

  4. moi- i totally agree with you and tokyo has the cutest little flower shops and they're all over the place. it's weird because i don't actually see thaaaat many people walking around with flowers, so i don't know where all the flowers go.

    lirun- thanks so much!! i'm glad you like. i never leave my apartment with out my camera. the other day i was bummed i didn't already have my camera in my hand as a guy in head to toe neon colors walked by me on the train platform. it was actually a pretty cool interpretation of the late 80s/early 90s.

    rebel- i think you're on to something with that. i've heard a lot of stories from guys with japanese girlfriends/wives who found themselves... ahem... out of doors for a couple days after a too late night out with coworkers. if only the guys had come across this vending machine in the middle of the night, maybe they wouldn't have been sleeping at their offices and washing at the public bath house for days. hahaha!