Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Football Fever

Fan Mile was a truly exciting place to be during the 2006 Soccer World Cup. 77,000 square meters - the size of 12 football pitches - was blocked off for fans to gather for parties and to watch the matches. 4 huge screens streamed the games, including this huge 60 sq. meter screen just in front of the Brandenburg Gate.

Good friend and fellow GT blogger, Sharron De Mol, and I went into the area during the Croatia/Japan and Australia/Brazil pool matches.

Over 9 million people visited Fan Mile over the duration of the event.

Berlin, Germany


  1. 9 mil! wow!

    Probably the only time I watch football these days is during the World Cup and it's so much fun gathering with friends and crowds and watching a game, even on tv.

    A friend of a friend in Sudan did something called Sheesh-Kora, in Khartoum. Basically it was a hall or a tent where you could smoke Sheesha (water pipe/hubbly bubbly for those who don't know) and watch Koratul Qadam ( Arabic for football). It became a HUGE thing in Sudan sheesh-kora lol

  2. This is great. I love football and this one really captures the atmosphere of fun and excitement that the world cup always rings along.

  3. Sha'ira: Sheesh-Kora sounds great!

    Katia: I didn't follow football at all until the World Cup. J is a football fanatic. Much to my dismay, by the end of the World Cup and then because we were in Germany for the football season afterwards, I got to know all the names of the German players and the teams playing in the German League!